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Flex Packaging

Coffee in clear top seal flex packaging.

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Flex Packaging

Polyethylene is flexible, transparent and heat sealable, offering a relatively low cost packaging solution. These qualities allow polyethylene to be folded and sealed into many styles of bags, sheets or sleeves as well as offering an expansive selection of print options ranging from simple text/logo print to process printing of graphic images on bags or films for 'form & fill' applications.

When it comes to bags, a variety of options are available: gusseted, flat, high-density, low-density, food grade, metallized and anti-static. Whether you want something as large as a bin liner or as small as a single serving microwavable stand up pouch, you've come to the right place. Choose from a variety of closure methods, including single and double-track zip seal tops. Plus, we can quickly custom print any of our bags. For more information please call us at: 1-800-521-1414 or for a quote click here.

Excellent for retail markets
Laminated packaging
Laser microperforated, hot needle-perforated bags and roll stock
Printed roll stock for form fill and seal equipment
Reclosable zipper and slider bags
Stand-up pouches
10 color printing capabilities
Designed to meet customer OTR specifications
Wicketed and tapered
Class 2 recyclable
Flex Packaging Samples