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Bulk Bags

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FIBC/Bulk Bags

Fulton Companies is a leading innovator and supplier for FIBC/Bulk Bags. Many advances in structural and product design within this product category are a direct result of efforts made by Fulton Companies on behalf of its customers. When your company has a requirement for packaging dry, free-flowing products weighing up to 4500lbs; Fulton Companies are the ideal resource for obtaining a packaging solution. Several variations are available to meet your specific needs: Food grade, anti-static, sift proof, coated or even fitted with liners to prevent moisture migration. Additionally we offer custom printing on the exterior side panels. For more information please call us at: 1-800-521-1414 or for a quote click here.

Designed to hold from 500 lbs to 4500 lbs
Over 150 different sizes & styles in inventory
Circular construction style
U-panel construction style
Baffle construction style
Laminated construction
Lined Bulk Bags
Custom made Bulk Bags
Mesh and vented fabrics for breathability
Up to 4 color printing
LLDPE lined bags loosely inserted or taped in
Class 5 recyclable
U.N. Certified bags
Type A, B, C and D static resistant bags
Pallet Covers /Bin Liners
20’ and 40’ PE & PP Container Liners
Dunnage Bags

Varity of bulk bags including large red vented mesh, large white vented, top spout, space saver bulk bag.